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Owning a dog requires meeting 3 key canine needs

•Mental stimulation
Providing for the fundamental needs for your dog will ensure a happy, well balance and well behaved dog.
 By ensuring your dog has adequate exercise and is therefore tired, not restless, and enough mental stimulation, he will not become bored and go looking for his own entertainment that can often manifest itself as destructive behaviour such as chewing, digging and barking.
 A selection of toys that meet a different instinctive need are a fantastic way to provide exercise and stimulation for your dog.


Toys for Dogs

Biscuit Balls: These are the ultimate food dispensing chewy toy. The biscuit ball offers a chewy challenge for your dog. It provides a tantalizing game and endless entertainment. It is the perfect toy for your dog when he has to be on his own. A carefully packed biscuit ball will keep your dog busy for hours. Just when he thinks he has got the treat, it rolls away. This will keep him fascinated and a tired, stimulated dog is a well behaved dog.

Biscuit Balls are made from Kong natural rubber with the legendary Kong strength and performance. This ball has bone shaped ports to hide all shapes of biscuits and chews.

Dental Twisters: A premium quality rubber dental toy designed so chewing action cleans teeth whilst massaging gums. They help to reduce the build up of plaque and tarter with mint flavour to aid fresher breath. Dogs love to chew so why not provide a toy that also aids dental health.

Rope and Ball Tuggers: These are great toys for interactive fun with your dog. Ideal for tugging, chase and retrieve games. Playing with your dog is a great way to exercise him, have fun and improve the bond between you. He will love it!

Comfort toys: Dogs love to have a comfort toy that they can carry around in their mouth. This soft toy will fulfil this need. You may find that when not carrying it dogs of both sexes may nurture and lick it. Comfort toys are made with a premium soft, non toxic fabric. Has a super squeak for interactive fun.


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Battersea Dogs and Cat Home has enjoyed the privilege of royal patronage since 1884 and many of its staff and animals had served in the both World Wars. It is now under the auspices of the RSPCA, and has the patronage of many celebrities, including Paul O’Grady, David Hasselhoff, Michael Owen and Peter Andre.

One of the most famous cats in the country must be Larry the cat, who was re-homed by Battersea Dogs and Cat Home at 10 Downing Street. He has met Barack Obama and have been photographed countless times by the worlds press.

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